Cyrenaics Handbook

Cyreniacs Handbook: Handbook of Source Material for Cyrenaic Philosophy

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Text was inspired by the webpage dedicated to the Cyrenaics on The Lucian of Samosata Project.

This handbook contains the lives, writings, and doctrines of the Cyrenaic school by compiling together the primary sources of the material. It is not a summary or analysis of the Cyrenaic school. Rather it provides all of the (open and available) references to the Cyrenaic school within the ancient texts. Its main function is to put together in one place all of the disparate references spread across the Internet and libraries into one book. It is designed for the scholar and for the student. The scholar can use this resource to save time by having everything ready in one place. All references are taken from copyright-expired texts or open source (free) texts from places like Gutenberg and No copyrighted material is used in this book. All endnotes point to the source of each reference. The student of ancient philosophy will find this to be a starting point in their understanding of the Cyrenaic school. Many will undoubtedly use this book to aid their understanding of Hellenistic Philosophy and Epicureanism.


Author Notes
Cyreniac Genealogy (chart)
Cyrenaic Resources
Aristippus: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology
Aristippus: Satirical & Poetical Interpretation
Aristippus: Suda
Aristippus: Synopsis
Aristippus: Socratic
Aristippus: Opulence
Aristippus: Examining Wealth and Fortune
Aristippus: Examining Sexuality
Aristippus: Tyrant Dionysius
Aristippus: Xenophon’s Testimony
Aristippus: Other Testimony
Relations of Aristippus: Doctrines and Persons
Hegesias the “Death Persuader”
Anniceris and His School
Theodoros the Atheist
Dionysius the Renegade
Cyrenaic Doctrines